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Some hard Truth for you.

I do believe that helping others can help us find the courage and wherewithal to continue on in a hard life but we must not use service as a way to ignore our own struggles and our own body and emotional self crying out for help.

Help others as much as you can. Use your experience hard-earned to help smooth the way for others but don't forget to check in with yourself. We may be able to pour from an empty cup when we're trying to ignore the real problems but we are not left unscarred from it. Please take this time to check in with yourself mentally physically and emotionally. How are you doing? How are you handling your health struggles and the problems life is throwing at you? What do you NEED to keep going? And most especially do you need help that you yourself can't provide?

I know that being uncomfortable is something us humans try very hard to stay away from but often getting uncomfortable and getting honest and real with our struggles and talking to others is the only way that we can make room for healing.

Just as anger is a way for us to express hurt without being vulnerable, we will do whatever we can to avoid letting others see weakness or what we view as weakness. Please help yourself as you help others. You are as deserving as they are. You are worthy of help. You are worthy of confidence, joy, and good moments.

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