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It's the Little Things

As you all know, I spend WAY too much time sleeping. 20 hours a day minimum or I pay in even more pain, side effects, and struggle. Trying to cram everything in to 4 hours a day it's something I've gotten better at with time but it's still messy. Having to constantly look at the same pillow cases can get monotonous too so I decided to spice things up and get a few new pillowcases to admire in between snoozes. A pink/gray geometric one, a purple butterfly one, and a flower one.

It's the little things

If it helps you smile and keep carrying on then it is priceless!

Got to keep the emotional exhaustion as far away from a breaking point as possible!

If you can help your mental health by something as simple as a pillowcase then it is worth it because you deserve to have a smile on your face and to have your burden lifted a little.

As I always say, distraction is one of the most important things to help me get through my excruciatingly pain filled bed bound days. And that includes the things that I surround myself with. Not just books and TV shows or movies but fun things and lighthearted quotes, my favorite colors,, tasty snacks that help me get the nutrition my body desperately needs as it fights millisecond by millisecond. The simple things go much further than the average joe would think.

When fighting chronic pain you have to pull out all the stops and use weapons that are unexpected. Creatively light-hearted is the name of the game. :)

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