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  • Tierra Drollinger

I Know Being Strong is Something that We Do Without Thought

I know being strong is something that we do without thought.

But that doesn't mean that we don't struggle. Yes you carry your struggles very well for how heavy they are but I promise you that it is easier to carry them with someone else shouldering the troubles too. It's okay to take a break, to rest up, to reshape that heavyweight. It's okay to cry and to have pity parties. We are only human and were never meant to be robots. And while that does mean we have an immense capacity for strength and survival and pushing through for a better tomorrow, that also means that we forget to let others in. We forget that resting and taking a breather will help us fight harder. Be gentle with yourself. And remember to reward yourself consistently for making it this far and for future wins. It's always easier to get back up again after life has knocked you down when you have had time to rest and rejuvenate. To renew and replenish. To smile as you doze. Don't forget to make sure you're eating enough as well. Pain is sharper when you are hungry. Take care of yourself. If not for you then do it for me and all of your friends and family who want you living and as happy and healthy as possible. I know You've got this ❣ After all, you have made it this far.


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