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I happened across the strawberries and cream hard candies that took me back to my childhood

Strawberries and cream were a top favorite out of many goodies shared between my dad and I.

Eating my first piece of candy and I noticed that there was a scripture on the back. Lo and behold it seems I have found what are apparently called scripture candies! Each candy has a different scripture on it. I am a very firm believer in God giving us Tender Mercies if we only keep looking for them. The perfect scripture is finding me in the perfect moment. I like to think of it as a good way we can talk to each other-bonus that I get to the enjoy a tasty candy along with it. An incredible gift for sure! As a little girl I was often told that God didn't care about the little details in our lives but that He would help us with the big details. I always felt like that was wrong. As time went on I learned that that isn't always the case. When I had my waist-down reconstruction surgeries I was in a wheelchair and had to move around a large high school. There were two paths to get to my last class for the day. One was quick unless the gate happened to be locked and then it would turn into the longest route because I would have to back track. I started listening to what I called my 'gut feelings' but later realized it was the spirit telling me the way to go that would be the easiest for me. I realized my 'gut' wouldn't know the right way but the spirit would and it NEVER led me wrong. On random days it would lead me to the gate and it was a God-send in more ways than one. It was just a simple thing but it was a big deal for me to be helped when I was going through so much. Physical Therapy, pain, high school advanced homework with teachers giving me more work than those who were actually in class, dealing with the pain medicine that made me sleepy and forgetful, worries I would never walks, and the little nuances of high school struggles and not being able to walk and move like the average teen. God looked out for me in a way no one ever told me He would. That is when I knew that God ABSOLUTELY cares about EVERY little thing! He may not always be able to help or make things perfect or easy but He does Everything He can. It is up to us to search His help out and have faith in His answers or-in some cases-in what seems like no answer. God loves us. Perfectly and completely. We are important to Him! And that will NEVER EVER change!

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