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Grief relief

Updated: May 11, 2022

Just wanted to share so others can find some comfort.

A few weeks ago passed 10 years since Daniel committed suicide after talking with me.

This move away from all my many memories with him has been freeing in happily unexpected ways. After 4years of not grieving I went all in these past 6. Did what I needed to to let out my pain so I could move forward as I know he would have wanted me to. ie crying as hard as I needed, talking things out, some retail therapy sometimes, GREAT family support, and Lucy loves! He would have adored her!

Looking back there is so much good that has come from my loss because of the people I have been able to help and relate to as they were swallowed in their grief.

But now here I am and his death day passed almost like any other. Lots of work to get here but at last I can say I am doing really really well.

This necklace to remind me of the lessons I learned from Danny, a mug to help me remember I do have courage as I go through more Medical drama and trauma and my small fancy teacup with my bedtime tea in honor of 10years passing without him.

Lots of work Danny but I am doing so good! Just watch as I Bloom!

As one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen reminds me: Don't forget to see the Collateral Beauty #Grief #CollateralBeauty #Danny #LifeIsBeautiful #KeepGoing #YouWillGetThere

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