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Everybody knows when you have a chance to stretch out, life is just better 😁

Reminder from Lucy that it is important to do things that we enjoy. Having something to look forward to is one of the best ways to handle chronic issues on the daily.

Remember to stretch and grow. Broadening your mind even if you can't do physical things is one of the things that has helped me most. Even though I can't hold books with my hands there are still ways to study and read. I love to always have a stack of books at the ready for me to read as well as on my Kindle too of course😉

And lastly don't forget to have a snack before bed. One of the hardest things with chronic pain is hunger. We go through calories so incredibly fast when we have chronic pain that it is important to keep snacks at the ready. I have found that when you are hungry, pain can be really sharp and hard to ignore.

Without my pain medicine that barely takes the edge off my pain I am a voracious creature that is constantly starving and big meals barely take 10 minutes to digest. Pain takes a lot more out of you than you would think.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember you are loved! We may not be blood relatives on here but we sure are family and I will always be cheering for the best things to come your way. Lucy too even if she sleeps through it 😊

Have a lovely week from Lucy and I💕💕

And if you don't have a good week planned then create your own! Plan at least two things to do this week that you love. It can be something big or something small like watching your favorite show and munching on favorite snacks, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying 10 minutes of peace, or reading a good book. Whatever it is just make sure that you remember to find the good in this life and to create it as you go. You deserve to be happy! Never ever forget that ❤❤❤

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