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Another doctor giving up on me because of his fear of opioids

Updated: May 11, 2022

Welp, it seems another doctor has been baffled by me. "Dr. Smith" doesn't know how to help me. The only thing he has left is for me to try a film of the same drug my patch is. Apparently a film is a strip I put on my cheek and it dissolves on its own. Twice a day. At the least I can actually be sure I am getting the meds I am suppose to. (Last week my patch had NO medicine left at all and ran out 3days before it was suppose to) I attribute that to my body's habit of metabolizing things MUCH faster than average. Partially why I need such high doses of things.

I am now avidly searching for a new pain doctor because Mr. Smith refuses to give me any higher dose despite my pain medicine being almost the smallest dose! Like seriously?? I so obviously need at least 5x what my dose is now. I am barely subsisting and am existing of 1/8th of what before he became my doctor.. He is not helping me at all and is in fact hurting me past the point of my limits. His fear of me ODing is making my life heck and that is not acceptable. How can I expect or trust a system that sets me up for failure just because I have a body that makes me feel a HUGE amount of pain? Chronic pain is SO much worse of a thing than anyone can comprehend!

Oh I am so remiss to search out another doctor but I have no choice. Thank you all SO much for the prayers and support! I know they helped me be more articulate and brave than my previous appointments.

I guess the score is now 2 pain management doctors down and my pain is still winning with an evil grin!

Dr. Smith now joins the long long line of doctors who have given up on me.

Onward we go! And onto the next...

Oh weary soul o mine, keep going please

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